RisenMan Professional Writing Service

RisenMan Media offers a professional writing service. Our focus is on Website Content, article creation and editing, and proofreading. In addition, RisenMan Media also offers Copy typing. Here is a brief breakdown of what is involved in each of our services.

Website Content:

We can either re-author existing content to give it a newer fresher feel or, for a bit extra, we can create all new content.

Article Creation:
We will research any topic you wish your article to cover, and present you with a fresh article.

Article Editing: As with Website Content, we will take any existing copy and re-author it into a fresh new post, or article for your publication.


It is every publication's fear that articles get published that are full of spelling errors and poor grammar. We will take that fear away, by scrutinising your articles in search of spelling and grammatical errors.

Copy Typing: 

A lot of people are more comfortable writing their manuscripts and articles by hand, but find that they don’t have the time to type them out again. This is where RisenMan comes in! We will type that out for you. Unfortunately, this service does not include proofreading, as it is a separate service. The copy will be typed verbatim.