What is a website?

NOUN: location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more viewable web pages with text, image, video and multi media content. 

Why do I need a website?

The number of consumers browsing the internet for the goods and services they require is rising every day. In this day and age having a professionally designed website sends a message to your future clients and customers that your business is professional, credible and dependable.

It is always important to keep in mind that, regardless of the size of your business or organization, if you do not have a professionally designed website, customers will go to your competitors who have one.

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Food for thought

If you don’t value yourself enough to invest in professionally designed materials for your own business, which will help you build your bottom line, how can you expect anyone else to value your services or products enough to pay for them? 

What does a website design cost?

BASIC - R1500

Single scrolling page

Mobile Responsive

Basic SEO

Contact Form

Google Map

MIDI - R3500

Three Site Pages

Mobile Responsive

Basic SEO

Contact Form

Google Map

MAXI - R5500

5 Site Pages

Mobile Responsive

Basic SEO

Contact Form

Google Map

CUSTOM - R1000 PER PAGE + R500

More than 5 Site Pages

Mobile Responsive

Basic SEO

Contact Form

Google Map

Monthly Site Report

ADDITIONAL PAGES - R500.00 per page 

Should any pages be added after the completion of the website, these will be charged accordingly.

CONTENT CHANGES - R300.00 per hour 

Should any content be added, amended, removed or altered in any way following the completion of the website, they will done at the prescribed hourly rate.


RISENMAN MEDIA does not offer hosting services, purely for logistical reasons. We do however link our new clientele with a respected and reputable local hosting company, upon request.

How can we help?

With the advent of social media in the 21st century, print media has to a degree fallen by the wayside, marketing has for the most part gone digital. This is fuelled by the ever increasing number of people populating major social media platforms. The meteoric rise of Social Media Platforms now rivals word of mouth in distribution speed, and brand authority.


Because of this rapid change in the interaction between people, marketing has had to make some drastic changes in order to remain effective, and relevant. More and more businesspeople today are jumping on the bandwagon by creating social media accounts for their businesses. But, many are disillusioned by the results they receive. This is primarily due to poorly managed Social Media Accounts. This is not always the fault of the businessperson. As quickly as the Social Media Platforms have increased in popularity, so the algorithms which govern these platforms have grown vastly more intuitive, and complex, creating the need for Specialised Social Media Services, or for larger businesses, a dedicated Social Media Team.


A huge number of businesses today do not have Social Media Accounts for any of the following reasons:

    1.    No time to maintain them

    2.    Lack of understanding how Social Media Marketing works

    3.    Lack of funding to hire dedicated staff.

    4.    Disinterest due to past failings.


If your business fits into any of the above, then it is time you got hold of RisenMan Media. For a fraction of the cost of hiring specialised staff to maintain your Facebook Page, you can hire RisenMan Media. 


Tasks which are included in our services:

    1.    Pre-Service assessment of your Facebook Page

    2.    Scheduled and optimised posts on your behalf

    3.    Post boosts - targeted and priced according to your budget, and posted at optimised times


Save yourself the stress and let us do it for you!

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