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BP - We all know that the media doesn’t always get all their info correct, what is the strangest thing you have read about yourself that wasn’t true?
MF - The media claimed that I am the father of Michael Jackson's son! Lots of his friends including me tried to help him conceive a child to help him due to his personal medical situation. The media went for it, and said I was, and really I have no clue along with about 20 other people! And also I was releasing a music album! I can't sing. That's my wife, Moniqe’s, department! And that I said Michael wanted to shoot one of his brothers dead! The list goes on and on! Welcome to the world of media! Lol

BP - You have a huge following on social media, especially Twitter where you have over 247K followers! What is it like to know that so many people follow your tweets?
MF - Anything about my private life they want to know. I use social media as more of a news feed for martial arts, dance, Pilates, and performing arts schools. I always find that when media events kick off that Twitter is always the preferred way the media contact you. Although Facebook is still the king of social media.

BP - Amongst all those tweets there are sure to be some memorable ones. What is the most memorable tweet you have received, or been tagged in?
MF - Sad stories of members of the public begging for help. Or asking to be introduced to one of my celebrity friends. I get a lot of people who still think Michael Jackson is alive so that can be interesting!

BP - Everybody starts their working careers off small, what was your very first job?
MF - I had a paper round at 13 yrs old. Delivering the local papers through people's door. It was not easy as I was out in all types of weather, and it was very low paid. However, that being said, it developed a strong work ethic in me.  

BP - Following the immense success of your schools. What encouraging words do you have for any young businessmen and women starting out?
MF - Dream it, believe it, achieve it! Never give up and you will reach your goals.  

BP - In your line of work you get to meet a wide variety of people. Who was your most memorable?
MF - Meeting Uri Geller changed my life. He is world famous for a lot more than bending spoons. He educated me at a young age to buy property and stay positive. And taught me that I could do anything I wanted too. He was also the one who introduced Me to Michael Jackson. He was like a second father to me, and would be tough on me. He was never a "yes man"

BP - I am sure you have encountered a few interesting star-struck fans along the way, what has been your favourite fan encounter?
MF - So many! I had a guy stop me in the street and start crying. A grown man! Complete martial arts fanatic! He claimed he had the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts logo tattooed on his arm, which he then showed me, and I was shocked as he was not even a member of one my schools. He was having a panic attack, and I was worried I would have to call for medical help. When he had calmed down a bit we had coffee, and it was great memory. 

BP - Even the biggest stars have somebody they would love to meet, given the opportunity. Who would you like to meet?
MF - Arnold Schwarzenegger! It has almost happened a few times! We even nearly worked together on an anti obesity campaign last year in Australia. My grandfather was an Olympic weightlifting champion and they training together for a while. Arnold is a role model for me, as he came from nothing and smashed his goals. 

BP - Now onto a more personal note for those superfans out there> Where did you grow up, and what was it like growing up where you did?
MF - I grew up in Swindon, England, which is about a hour’s drive from London. My parents struggled financially and I never wanted to live that way. I was bullied at school and had eventually had enough of being treated that way. I wanted to be a success and prove everyone wrong. I am one of 4 brothers and they were all very clever and did well at school. I failed every school grade! It was very tough, but I smashed my goals by 21 years old 

BP - Everyone’s career goals changed and adapt as they grow, what did you see yourself becoming as a child? And, how much does it differ from your current career?
MF - When I was a teenager I set goals I wanted to achieve by the time I was 21 yrs old. 

  • To become the most famous martial arts instructor in the world
  • To be a millionaire
  • To do split kicks and achieve full flexibility 
  • To have martial arts schools around the world
  • To become the worlds most successful martial arts school owner

matt fiddes michael jackson

Matt Fiddes with King of Pop, Michael Jackson

BP - With over 750 training schools across the UK and Europe including Ireland, Germany, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, your career choice was clearly the right one. What lead you down the career path you are now on?
MF - World domination! I wanted to repeat my business system around the world in every country. Offer my educational programs all over the world to help as many people as possible.  

BP - You are a 7th Degree Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do and hold Black Belts in Kickboxing and Kung Fu, what is the driving force behind your achievements and success?
MF - Being bullied at school and proving everyone wrong. It's a fire inside me to succeed in whatever I do.

BP - How has your life changed with the advent of fame?
MF - You have to watch what you say, what you wear, who you trust. I have been well known now for 20 years, so I don't really remember anything else. Sometimes I wonder how all of this happened. But that is the power of dreaming big! It also gives you the power to do amazing things for people and change their lives 

BP - What has been your most challenging decision in your career thus far? What made it so challenging?
MF - Trusting people with advice and the financial side. Everyone wants to try and sell you something or get in your ear. I have to listen to the correct people. 

BP - What has been your most memorable moment in your career thus far? What made it so memorable?
MF - When I started my class/company my first class was on 31st August 1997 at 11am. No one showed up as everyone was glued to their TV! Not a great start to a business! You could not make it up! 

BP - The one question I am certain you must get asked a lot... what was it like working with Michael Jackson?
MF - He was an amazing man and I miss him. He was a great advisor, and a huge support to my family and friends. He will always be the greatest musical artist and entertainer in the world. There will never be another person like Michael Jackson.  

BP - Was there anything about working with him that stands out for you as memorable?
MF - How shy he was and how super intelligent too

BP - Looking back in your life and career in the spotlight, how do you feel you have grown, changed, and evolved as a person?
MF - It has been a rollercoaster of a ride! I’ve learnt so much and I’ve met amazing people! I have an unusual life, but everyday brings with it new experiences. 

BP - With so much experience under your belt, what is next for Matt Fiddes to conquer?
MF - To keep expanding the Matt Fiddes range of programs around the world and change lives. 

BP - Everyone harbours a pet peeve. What is yours?
MF - People saying they are not fat, but big boned!  

BP - Have you enjoyed this little interview?
MF - Love it you have been very respectful with your line of questioning. 

BP - Final Question. If you could choose any superhero to play on a big budget Hollywood production, who would you play?
MF - Bruce Lee's son Brandon. His life was ended early. And his story and skills have not been told. He would of been a martial arts mega star like his father